“I love everything about music; the history, the art, the energy, the passion. As it happens, I love writing songs and performing them live is the glittering prize. That interaction with the audience is vital. They’re not just faces; they have lives with stories just like the ones in the songs I write. I communicate through song and I will ask the audience to give back a little bit of themselves. That’s the payoff for everyone and this is the spirit of FourOneSix.”
- BIO -

FourOneSix is a hybrid of genres and influences; a musical recipe of sorts. A dash of singer-songwriter, a pinch of folk, a sliver of psychedelia, a sprinkle of new wave, all blended with generous portions of well-crafted pop.
FourOneSix began as an unrealized concept by singer/songwriter and New Brunswick native Brent Lunney, former member of the award winning rock band The Apollo Effect. For Brent, the intent of his latest musical endeavour was to grow it slowly, naturally, organically; a complete 180 from his days in The Apollo Effect. Jams began to happen with new friends, old friends, former bandmates and complete strangers. When something special began to happen Brent called upon friend and producer Michael Borkosky (Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan, Ill Scarlett, Low Level Flight) to work on new material and that’s when the songs began to flourish.
In the studio, anything goes. There are no formulas, no pre-conceptions and no agendas. It’s about making music for the love it, nothing is calculated. “Working with Mike (Borkosky) is great. He’s been doing this a long time and his resume speaks for itself. He has an incredible ear for picking out interesting bits and helping them blossom into this brilliant piece of music. Every session is a huge learning experience for me but he’s discovering things too which makes this a mutual exploration.”
In a live setting however, Brent is keeping FourOneSix direct and honest. “I love that I’m able to have two separate entities within the same project. The studio is ridiculously inspiring because there’s an abyss of possibilities. The songs dictate the direction as opposed to having something set in stone at the time of writing it. But in the live setting we’re able to strip it back down to the core and expose the song, and essentially the meaning, in its simplest form.”

Brent’s musical history began soon after graduating with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy and it has seen all the ups and downs that one has come to expect within a rock ‘n’ roll existence. Having won the Great Canadian Band Challenge with The Apollo Effect in 2007 to showcasing at the East Coast Music Awards in Newfoundland in 2009 to headlining the first ever pop/rock concert on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts in 2011. And most recently, FourOneSix was part of the record setting world’s longest concert by multiple artists which is now an official Guinness World Record. His songs have been used for both TV and major motion picture/indie films while his artwork and graphic design has been used by major label recording acts.
It’s a musical history made rich by way of various vehicles of artistry and passion, with FourOneSix being his latest adventure.

Somewhat defined by the following:

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring
Kasabian - Kasabian
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
The Fixx - Phantoms
The Cars - Heartbeat City
Sade - Love Deluxe

backing vocals

backing vocals

backing vocals